Fintech Valley Vizag is the epicentre of Fintech disruption in India



Driven by CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s vision to create 5 lakh jobs in Andhra Pradesh by 2020 through technology-enabled services, the recently-established Fintech Valley has become a playground for start-ups and innovators looking to disrupt traditional business processes.  The self-sustained global Fintech Ecosystem is set in the state that has been ranked number one for ease of doing business. The valley focuses on converging finance and technology by enabling market access, world-class infrastructure, funding, human capital and innovation to achieve unmatched business goals and successes.

Fintech Valley provides more than just access to Fintech and its innovators; it enables an oasis in which cyber security, blockchain, digital education and research thrive using state of the art incubators and accelerators, innovation labs, expertise and mentoring and institutes that provide every individual and business with a unique set of opportunities to grow. Corporates too, will find opportunities to grow their business in Fintech Valley through creating networks with the government and private players for building capabilities, investing, Centres of Excellence and mentorship programmes.